Workshop air filtration

I finally got (even more) serious about dust management, and decided that whatever small amount of dust escaped my dust collection system (cyclone + Festool CT MIDI now) and enclosure was too much to let float around the small garage/workskop where I happen to spend a lot of time. Hence I installed this :

This is at the same time an expensive “fan+filter in a box”, and a cheap way to take care of my lungs. This is nothing new, and I definitely don’t want to go full-Bill-Pentz on anyone, I just wanted to share since I don’t see the topic being covered so often, and I think everyone (I’m looking at you newbies/hobbyists) should at least be aware of the opportunity to spend a few hundred bucks in exchange for a little peace of mind / stacking the odds in your favor, health-wise.

It may be overkill, but better safe than sorry!


Anyone heard of / seen / have an opinion on these?


Is that the AFS-1000? If it is, the inner pocket filter is lacking and will circulate the finest dust all over your shop. Check out Wynn Environmental. I run their inner pocket filter on my AFS-1000 and it has made a big difference over the stock filter.

Edit: upon checking the filter ratings, the Wynn filter isn’t that much better (Maybe not at all?) And maybe the difference I am seeing is more from upgrading my dust collection at the tool level with proper hoods and blast gates.


That’s the AFS-500. Honestly I did not even do a proper market review, and I suppose there is always a better class of filtering system out there but for me going from nothing to this is already something. I’ll have to see how efficient it is over the course of the next few months, but already I don’t see any particles dancing in the air when looking at the lights anymore, so it must be doing something right. As you mention this is in addition to other dust containment measures (dust shoe/cyclone/dust extractor/enclosure/and not milling a lot), and obviously in addition to wearing a mask when I’m sanding stuff, I use hand tools very rarely now.


I have the big brother and it will filter your air but you have to use good filters. My filter is 12x24" but since you live in France you probably cannot get the inch version in local stores. I bought the JET electrostatic filter and it works better than the fiberglass ones that came with the original unit.

Since I have the big brother and am not sure yours has the timer on it but if it does that is the most useful part of the filter. When you leave the shop at night turn on the unit and set the timer to run for 3 hours. The 3 hours will help keep down the dust that is in the shop. If you have not already you need to do a through cleaning of your shop. There will be dust over and under everything in your shop. So if possible open your garage door and move things out and use a blower to blow the big stuff out the door. Then clean each piece of equipment as you return it to the shop. The filter will not keep all stray dust out of your shop but it goes a long way. If you have not thoroughly cleaned your shop the exhaust of the air filter is blowing the existing dust all over the shop. Some of that dislodged dust will be captured by the filter but some of it will just float around and resettle later on another vertical surface.


thank you Guy for the feedback. Mine came with the electrostatic filter, good to hear it’s decent. It does not have a timer, but I could use an external one and plug the AFS in there.

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