Would a Shapeko be suitable to make wooden boxes?

I’m looking at making a series of wooden boxes to send to my clients.

Would the S3 be able to handle this?

How deep an item can fit in it?

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Yes. Lots of folks make lots of boxes of various sorts.

The work area is ~3" high, and the XL and XXL have a bit more reach than that and one can clamp awkward things to the front of the machine for more flexibility.

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You could potentially also cut box sides/top/bottom including rabbets for things to fit together if you wanted larger/deeper boxes.

Not sure you’d want to try cutting 3 inches deep though. Maybe with a conical cutter? One alternative is cutting layered parts. Another is making bottom, sides, and top, and attaching them.

I am interested to try something like this fold up box: Folding Box


I’ve made a few boxes in my time - it’s handled them very well.

I usually mill the individual sides separately, rather than milling them from a solid large piece of wood.

@45rpm - I think that would be very cool

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I want to make small ring boxes, only 1.25" tall by 2"x2"

I imagine cutting them out from a single piece wood in the shapes of hearts. How long would this take?

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I do these in maybe 10 minutes I want to say, I’ve been ramping up the speed on them. I need to make some more soon and should time it. They’re similar dimensions to what you’re describing.


Endmills in 1/4" and 1/8" shank seem to reach 3/4" deep pretty well. Beyond that, you could either carve the sides and bottom separately (using traditional woodworking joining techniques; fingers, rabbets, miters, etc.) or carve in layers like I did on my skull box:

The bottom is 1.25" deep from the lip to the box floor. It’s 2 pieces of 3/4" thick Bloodwood.


Yep, I’ve made a few boxes as well. Not as cool as @Kopah’s skull one, but I’m working on it.

I have another one in progress, just not sure how to complete it just yet:

I know these aren’t the exact type of boxes you are looking for @45rpm, but they show some different examples.


Wow, @ItsDan that is the style of box I’m looking to make. Did you use carbide to make them?

I did the initial sketches in Illustrator where it can be a bit easier to do more complex shapes, I then brought it into Carbide Create to setup the milling.

I just had a chance to make some more, each of these 4 boxes took 15 minutes to carve, that’s pretty optimized but doing small layers because there’s 2 deep thin pockets that were leaving poor edges and these settings minimize that.