Wrong default toolpath parameters in Meshcam?


When I select a different tool for the Roughing pass than for the rest of the carving, it asks me if i want to ‘copy the default parameters for the selected tool’.

If click on ‘Yes’, it prefills the parameters with different ones than the ones that get prefilled when i pick the 101 tool for example at the very beginning.

  1. Here is the default one that it prefilled after picking the recommended tool for the job in the first dialogue box after selecting Tools - Carbide Auto Toolpath:
  2. now i click on SELECT TOOL in the ROUGHING section and pick the very same 101 again (to compare values):
  3. then I click DONE and answer the next Dialogue with YES
  4. now if you take a look at the new ‘default toolpath parameters for the selected tool’ in the roughing section, it doesnt match the original default anymore:

Is that normal? A bug? Something I am doing wrong?

That’s normal.
The second set of values are the default settings.
If you were to select NO when asked if you wanted to apply default settings, the values would stay the same.
For example, if you wanted to use an end mill instead of a ball mill on a 3d part, you would change the tool but Not apply the default settings.

Thanks for the quick reply Apollo, I appreciate it!

Is there a download available that I haven’t found for the Carbide cutters that don’t seem to be included in Meshcam? #121, 122, 201 and 202 aren’t in the latest (version 6 build 26).

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, total beginner with CNC and I don’t want to break anything by doing something wrong.

I modified my install to add these cutters.

@FlatBaller, thanks. Where did you get the default settings from? Would it be possible for you to save/export those and upload them here?

I also just started playing with Carbide Create this morning, and it looks like all of the cutters and settings are accounted for, so I’m assuming all of those numbers exist in a table somewhere.