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Hey all,

I ran a three tool path, 3 tool job last night. First two job/tool paths went great. I put in the last bit (.125 Amanda 46225) zeroed the Z height. Ran the tool path, and it started to far in the Y axis.

I stopped once I noticed the incorrect starting point. I then re-zeroed all axis using v1 of the bit zero. Same outcome. I checked my g code to make sure I had a different reference point for the last tool path. It’s the same as the other two……pictures below. I took a break from it last night…

Any thoughts? Thanks


Lost steps for some reason — mechanical interference, insufficient belt tension, loose pulley set screw, excessive tooling engagement.

Thanks for your reply Will!

Would you think that some symptoms of this would have shown up on the two previous jobs?

Before doing this job I did a tuneup on everything following the manual. Checked everything. And it was good up to this. And if it did lose steps, do you think that it would go to the incorrect XYZ 0 after trying to run the program, since it would have lost steps going from 0 to the first cut? Does that make sense?

Please post each .c2d file, step-by-step notes on how you secured/flipped the stock, and set origin relative to it, and how you managed all tool changes and we will do our best to work things out with you.

As @WillAdams suggested this is likely a mechanical problem. If you simulation was good then somewhere along the way you lost steps. You did not say what machine you have but if an SO3 maybe the gantry drag chain got caught on something. They have a habit of falling off the back and getting caught. Maybe a vacuum hose. The machine and gcode just dont go off track for no reason. As @WillAdams asked please post your file so we can look at it to see if it is aggressive machining.

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