WTB Nomad 883 Pro

Anyone selling their Nomad? Im looking to spend about $1500, will need it shipped to CT, thank you!

@Sway I have a like-new bamboo machine with lots of extras but I’d need $2K + shipping. If interested we can chat offline.



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I’m interested in your machine. I just joined this forum to look for info/advice/used machine. Can you email me to discuss what you have. I’m looking for the Nomad with as many extras as possible. Low profile vise, flip jig…basically all they have to offer. Thanks

Leslie I sent you PM. Thanks.


I sent you a PM, not sure exactly how this forum messaging works but I think I sent it thru correctly.

Got it, will send pics tonite if possible. Thanks.

I’m still interested in the nomad. Never got pics. Dont want to bother you so just checking in again.

Leslie, apologies for the delay, I got bushwhacked.

I’ll get them too you this evening.


So it looks like I have the 883 Pro w/ wrenches & 1/8" collet/bit + add-on black table with threaded holes, vise & flip jig. There are a couple of material samples and some sacrificial MDF tables I made that fit on the threaded table.

It probably has 2-3 hours on it in total milling Delrin, I just never got into it like I thought I would. I bought the SO3 around the same time and it has gotten all the use.

Never updated grbl, it’s as it came from C3D. Let me know if you have any questions or want to see anything else.



I’m interested too. How do I reach you?

@NewbyCNC - I have to give Leslie @Hailwood first dibs, will let you know if she declines.

Thanks, RMW

Leslie passed so it’s available of you want it. Everything shown in photos for $2K + shipping from 08203. I will crate it up.

Let me know. Thanks,


I PM’d you. Reach out so we can discuss.

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