WTB Spare Makita spindle adapter

Hi, I’ve recently upgraded from the Bosch Colt spindle to a Makita one and my spindle mount no longer fits, however I’ve been pointed in the direction of this forum as I’ve been told the Makita adapter comes with the Shapeoko.

Is anyone out there willing to sell me their Makita adapter if they aren’t using it?

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While we no longer have them in the shop, you can order one from us — just drop us a line at support@carbide3d.com and let us know the details and we’ll work out how to get one to you.

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Many thanks, just sent an email off

As an alternative, there are 65mm mounts available on eBay — I bought one for my machine a while back, something like to:

Yep, I reached out lately to ask the same thing. I was told they don’t sell them individually anymore though but they could add it into my order since I was going to buy a Carbide3D router.

Also, @WillAdams, for those mounts, did you drill the holes yourself?

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Yes, drilled them with a small hand-drill press, and used a cheap countersink bit, then adjusted for tram using a file (which was kind of tedious).

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