WYZE Camera Mount

In the 3D world WYZE camera mounts are very popular projects. I have a WYZE from a printer I don’t use much and I tested it using double-stick and it works much better than any previous attempts (guts from webcams, etc.)

I did an initial search and didn’t come-up with anything. Would love something like what I have on my printer–mounted on one of the front corner elevated a bit.

Any body seen anything like that?

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You need to search Julien’s posts on cameras. Really good stuff. Maybe mounting ideas.

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The thread covers a lot of my attempts at various camera mounts…but they’re all designed around the spindle (and my custom dust shoe holder), not on a fixed point / front corner like John mentioned above.

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I got one and just taped it up on the wall of my enclosure. I was considering getting longer bolts for the rail mount point and make a mounting arm there that would get the camera up and further in a bit, but that sounded like a lot more work and something I was fine not having.

I use a Wyze camera but just mounted in the enclosure. You can get something like

which means you don’t have to use the magnet option if you’d be annoyed by it getting bumped. That’s what I have although I use the magnet+3M everywhere else. Note this is for v2 only, not the new v3 cameras.

This is my view (on a failing camera day). I can at least see where the machine is working, if it’s stalled/ready for toolchange, and can listen with the mic on. Usually I’m in the same room, so audio cues are the most helpful when remote.

I’m guessing a vantage point like this is more useful though - you may want to look at endoscope cameras that some folks have worked up for 3D printers. The XXL bed is pretty big so with a Wyze cam you’re not going to see much detail at the cutting interface for most of the jobs.

I may try the magnetic mount(s). I tried endoscope and never go anything useful. For a while I had the guts of a web cam (from a laser scanner project) screwed to the rafters. I do a lot of small detail projects so it wasn’t useful to have a wide angle because what I wanted to see was hidden by the router. A few inches above bed height and to the right is optimal I think. I may do an enclosure some day…

You could always use a wyze outdoor camera and mount it right on the gantry. That’s probably the cheapest least fussy solution, Wi-Fi and battery that lasts a few months for 50 bucks.

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