X axis cutting wavy, not straight

Hey, not sure if any of you guys have ever had this problem but ive had my shapeoko 3 for about year and half now but i am noticing that on larger projects , on the x axis i am getting a a very consistent wavy line rather than straight. i checked everything nothing is loose, how ever i did find that on my x axis i have a groove that has been made by one of the pulley bearings its as if t has cut in to the x axis ill try post a picture of the issue. but if any of you guys have this issue and know how to fix it pls let me know

YES, the pulleys have to be adjusted UP. It isn’t difficult to do, there is enough play in the holes.

Once you adjust the pulleys UP, you need to adjust the belt tension, and then re-check your calibration.

I chased my tail on this one quite a while.

Purchased another X-axis extrusion (used) to replace my original, it came with the same gouging.

So perhaps this is a common problem.


did it get rid of that wavy line when cutting?

how much was the new x axis?

You don’t need a new x-axis, mine was very badly gouged and had ridges.

You just need to get the pulleys lifted higher so the pulleys won’t ride on/contact the extrusion any more.

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oh ok im gonna give it a try thanks