X axis Drag Chain causing homing error

New XXL build.

X axis Drag chain is getting stuck on the end stop. i think this is because the mount seems too short - and thus the drag chain is not perpendicular.

i think if it were square to the machine this would be less likely to happen.

  • is this just me getting this issue?

also - i removed a screw - and moved the drag chain a good 0.5 inch away from the carriage - hopefully this makes a difference.

i might also just take the end stops off. i’m not really sure they are that useful.


Although it’s difficult to diagnose from the photo, but I’d guess that the Drag Chain is a bit too long.

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i saw something in the wiki about taking some links out - but i there’s no mention of it in the XXL instructions.

it’s not perfect but i think this is working for now. ok next.

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The current XXL instructions expect one to be assembling the machine w/ a pre-assembled wiring harness which has already had links removed.


@tomburtonwood I’m not sure what mine looks like, but put your limit switch on the other side of the mount.


Yeah, put it on the other side.

Edit: I also just use the closest holein my drag chain to the bracket when I fasten it.


I hot glued a small wedge (ramp) for the chain to follow when it came to the end plate. Simple and works like a charm. I can send pix if you like. Ok, I was able to upload the photo.


thank you for clarifying that.

Nice solution! thanks for a sharing.

You are welcome, sometimes simple is best. It took all of 5 minutes and got me up and running again. I meant for it to be temporary, but has been fine for months. It’s not pretty, but effective. Don’t mess with success!


Here is a vote of confidence for one of the solutions above by fiero1.

I just put my Shapeoko 3 XXL together today. I had the above mentioned problem where the limit switch interfered with the x axis drag chain. The limit switch was mounted from the factory so that the switch was on the side of the plate toward the back of the machine. I followed the suggestion by fiero1 above and now I don’t have interference. It is very close and will keep an eye on it for a while but it does not touch. The limit switch now is made by touching the belt clamp. But that will probably be OK.

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You should be able to adjust it such that it hits just above the belt clamp which gets you an additional millimeter or so of travel.

Thank you David. I will do that. You clearly have experience with this device.

Hey, this issue has been bugging me for a while. I just found this thread, and moving the limit switch to the other side of the plate fixed it–works great now.


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What a great community. I believe this thread is going to help me solve the problem. :slight_smile:

I’m a little surprised the assembly instructions haven’t been updated to avoid this issue. Oh well.

I’m curious about each of the solutions, have you stuck with it or have you modified it?

Oh man, the story of half the things rigged up in my shed. . .

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