X-Axis Drag Chain + Limit Switch

So yeah, it seems if you have the limit switch installed on the X/Y the Drag chain can’t be installed…

Any thoughts heh?

Not seeing the difficulty here (and I just installed the limit switch plates, and the drag chain on my XL last night).

Anything here help:


Could you post a photo of your difficulty?


It was an issue with how the instructions were laid out step wise that caused the issue and I have since corrected it and talked with the team at carbide about improving the overall guides.

They are currently, as of this weekend, working on a much more in depth guide to help correct issues like this one.

Thank you so much for your response either way. I actually am going to use a small self tapping metal screw to secure both of the drag chains in place more properly as the double sided tape wasn’t leaving me completely confident for the long run haha.

It would be super helpful if you could share what exactly you did to resolve this. As of my installation in December the instructions must still be crap because I am having an issue as well. Drag chain snags on limit switch

Same thing with SO3XXL and drag chain hitting the x-axis limit switch. Sorry to revive an old topic but all I can find is complaints about VHB tape.

In my humble opinion, 3M VHB tape is a really strong and well engineered adhesive. I can imagine a variety of extremely negative scenarios occurring with the drag chain being bolted down, i.e. being ripped out of the aluminum and tweaking the squareness in the extrusion that we depend on being square. Unfortunately, all tools require maintenance to some extent and replacing a piece of tape every year is not that bad. I have had issues with VHB not sticking in the past but that involved very COLD temperatures. Please see attached photo(s) / Markups
If anyone from carbide can unofficially confirm if it is an acceptable practice to:

  1. install the limit switch on either side of the plate.
  2. simply locate the drag chain to hang off the back edge of the X-axes rail by aprox. 11/32" minimum.

Z axis limit switch conflict drag chain.pdf (1.3 MB)

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VHB is sensitive to how clean the surface is, and TIME after install. Clean the surface, apply the tape (no fingers on the sticky if you can avoid it) apply strong pressure, and hold it that way for a minute or so. Then leave it alone for a day. It’ll be stuck. The time is required for the bond to develop.

Regarding screwing the drag chain down - the plastic links come apart relatively easily - well before you would cause any damage to the rails.


Yes! Someone applying tape correctly, I’m impressed. Plus, knowledge of the build of adhesion over time. You sir are well versed in your tapes. As someone who develops tapes for a living, you are a rare individual.

And yes, VHB may have trouble adhering at temperatures below 20C (glass transition temperature).

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Built an airplane. You don’t realize how often you’ve been assuming how something works until you start reading the directions on all the simple stuff because you’re worried it will fall out of the sky with your butt attached :slight_smile:


And the link to resolve my woes was right here all along.
+2 points to Carbide for the home switch write up!
@mikep I always appreciate your input as I snoop the forum.
@The_real_janderson I have an appreciation for your field.


Yep, “pressure sensitive” means you must apply pressure. I use this for my day job and it works awesome, but the cold temps will make it give up (we use a freezer to remove it when needed). Having said all of that I never got it to work on my Shapeoko for the drag chains. It would work for awhile, then eventually fail. Possibly due to my cold garage? I dunno, but I did the drill+tap+screw method and never looked back, tape just became a headache.



FWIW, I screwed mine down too, but use VHB for holding some guide brackets, cable tie mounts, and and other things on.