X-Axis drifting

This is my first project since tutorial #1 & 2 (which I had no problem with).

Below you can see I’m working on the “Genius Logo” from Apple. All trials are on the same piece of renshape stock. The first run in lower left hand corner with .125 flat end mill is fine. Second trial on lower right I added .0625 ball mill for roughing, and you can see that the second tool path was drifting to the right.

Third trial is a repeat of trial 2 in a new location, in the upper left and you see a dramatic drift to the left. It actually ran into the tool height sensor.

Please advise what I should do next.

That definitely looks funky there Mike, would you mind putting in a ticket? Just an email to support@carbide3d.com

I’ll bring this up with Jorge today and see what he thinks and we will get in touch with you to troubleshoot it a bit more.


Hi Jonathan,

I did turn in a support ticket last week and had no response. I thought I’d try posting to the forum.


I’m also tracking your ticket now, so we’re in business :wink:


Hi Jorge,

Sorry we’re not able to connect through email on a support ticket, Skype, or the telephone. Here’s an update. I decided to try another run of the Genius file. No drifting this time but the results were different again.

Please advise the next step in debugging this problem

Jorge and I were talking about this one and we’re wondering if the fan might be a problem. If there motor drivers are going into thermal shutdown, they could be occasionally dropping steps and shifting position.

Can you see if the fan on the back of the unit is running? If it is running, does it appear to be running at a “normal fan” speed?