X Axis Homing to left rear instead of right rear

I have just completed the assembly of the Shapeoko Pro XXL and attempting to complete configuration and initialization. The first concern is that after I select Shapeoko Pro XXL in the travel distance (Load defaults) and then select Shapeoko Pro when pressing ‘send configuration data’, the load defaults seems to revert to Shapeoko 3 XXL. This may be normal but it is at minimum confusing.

The main issue is that the X axis wants to home to the rear left instead of the rear right. $3 is set to 5. Changing $3 equal to 4 should invert the X axis and leave the Y and Z axis alone but this is not the case. The X axis still wants to home to the left. I’m stumped. Any feedback on what I might be doing incorrect?

One possibility is that the wiring harness is miss-wired, and thereby reversing the direction of the motor. I think you need to pull support into this one.

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This is what I was thinking is the case as well. Thank you for your response.

To update this topic I had two troubleshooting video calls with Carbide 3D support. The first call on July 14th isolated the problem to the upper and lower X-Axis Motor harness wires. I received the replacement X-Axis Motor harness cables on the 18th and after installation the X-Axis would only move to the left regardless of - or + X-Axis input.
The second support call occurred on July 19th where the problem was isolated to the drivers on the control board not providing the expected output. Solution at this stage is to replace the control board. As of this update I am waiting for confirmation that the board has shipped. I will provide an update when the board arrives and is installed in hopes that it will close out this issue.

Hi Timothy, were you able to resolve your x axis issue with the new control board? I just got my Shapeoko Pro XXL and I’m having the same issue. Initially it was sensor errors but I flipped the connections on the X axis and that fixed it, but it will still only go left and then grind gears. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Mike_G1,

It may be a case of a miswired cable, you should get in touch with support@carbide3d.com to sort it out

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Hi Mike,

After replacing the control board the issue went away and the machine homed to the right rear as expected.

The only other issue I had to correct was the X-axis had some ‘chatter’ or hesitation in moving in either direction. I removed the X-Axis motor and inspected the belt and stepper motor pulley. I found the stepper motor pulley was installed incorrectly and the set screw was making contact with the round portion of the motor shaft and not the flat surface. This allowed the pulley to spin on the shaft. After correcting this the first cuts were perfect!

Best regards,

Thank you very much Tim! I have sent photos and video to Carbide for further assistance. I really appreciate your help!

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