X axis left movement make a zipper clicking noise

Ran my nomad for about four hours yesterday, not one mistake.
Went to run it today and a zipper noise erupted from my machine when the spindle travels along the x axis while moving to the left. I had just powered up and was homing.

Here a a video of me manually moving the spindle to the right first, then the left a few times.


I I dont want to turn it on to record the motion in action under power unless its safe. Trust me, the machine makes the same sound when its on and movement is controlled by the Nomad. I can only describe the sound as a zipper, or zipping noise, or maybe really fast clicking. My first guess is a frozen or stripped gear…

Please help. Thanks in advance!

Contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

Thanks! I already did. Couldnt find an identical situation online, so decided to share my plight. Thanks again for the support!

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