X-Axis Limit Issue

This may be a simple procedure, nonetheless, I need help. I was jogging my machine testing out my dust collection system using Sweepy (it works great). However, I placed the Sweepy at a bit of angle and when I went to the Rapid Position (SE Corner), the Sweepy ran into the rail. I adjusted the Sweepy, but now when I try to jog the machine (as you can see in the photo) there is a gap and it won’t let me jog to the limit switch. How do I reset this issue?

Shutdown and re-initializing the machine should get things back to normal — if not, let us know at support@carbide3d.com

When you hit the rail you lost steps. Shapeoko homes and that is what cm uses as a reference for all movements. When you lose steps the Shapeoko and cm are no longer in sync. Simply homing will synchronize the two.