X axis not running smoothly under load (No problem in Y-axis)

Hey Shapeoko forum

First of all, I hope that this post is okay despite my cnc not being a Shapeoko.
My cnc I very inspired by the shapeoko 3 and before I used to own a Shapeoko 2 (and still feel like a part of the great Shapeoko community).

As you can see in the video, when the cnc is cutting along the x-axis its is not running smoothly and seems to be struggeling! especially when cutting with the full widh of the cutter, when profiling. Its is not accruing when cutting along the Y-axis.

This is happening even with what I would believe is within is capabilities (Compared with the S3) when cutting plywood at 2000 mm/min, 2 DOC, 6mm carbide cutter.

What could it be? Maybe a bad stepper motor? It is build with 16 v-wheels on the x-axis and the belts are tight.

It is not as noticeable in the video as in real life.
Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrjtmwvn6j0c410/2017-08-26%2015.27.58.mov?dl=0

Here is some pictures of the cnc. I builded it with Megarail80 and it uses Gt2 9mm belts


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As new member I can only upload one picture. So here is a link to my dropbox with more pictures of the cnc. Maybe it will help for troubleshooting

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