X axis thinks it’s on Z

New poster here. Got my machine Friday night and started assembly last night.

I got to the initialization step and tested my limit switches. They all lit up, but I did not check them on the board before I clicked “initialize.”

Z and Y homed fine and it made a god awful noise when it hit the X limit. Shut it down and found out that the X limit thinks it’s a Z limit.

I triple checked my wiring and find nothing incorrect. My X and Z limits connect to the board using 3 pin connectors to the 8 pin receptacle. They are plugged in the only way they can.

Carbide customer support is closed on Sundays and I’m really PO’d that a brand new machine doesn’t work.

Any suggestions? I think I have a bad board or a bad harness.

Hi Jim,

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. When you manually trigger the X proximity switch (with a metal object), what is displayed in the “GRBL Active Input pins” in the Settings menu / Machine tab?

What machine do you have ?

if both X and Z switches register as “Z”, chances are the harness from the X is miswired. Can you take a close up picture of X/Y/Z connector at the controller side, so as to see the wire color in the 8 pin connector(s) for each axis (assuming you have a a SO4)

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Yes, a SO4. When I activate X, I get Z on my PC and on the control board. The harness I got had two 3 pin connectors for the X and Z limits. I inserted them into the 8 pin receptacles in the upper 3 Right pins, which was the only “easy” connection.

Something’s wrong there, unless they changed something I’m not aware of you should have three 8pin male connectors going into the three 8pin female connectors:

It seems like you have the right connector for the Y axis only.

The way X and Z are currently connected, it’s logical that they would both trigger the same axis, but those connectors should not be like this.

Double check harness/cable labelling ? Do you have any 8pin connector elsewhere ?

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Nope. Three pins on either end for the X and Z limits.

Between a missing x axis drag chain support and this, I am regretting my purchase.

Other end

I’m afraid you’re going to need a new cable, support will get this fixed. I can’t think of a simple workaround to get you up and running :frowning:

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I would think I could de-pin the connector and stick the pins Into the 8 pin plug manually just to find out if the machine is good or if I have more problems.

All I need to know is what the pin out of the receptacle is.

I feel your agrevation. Dont get too frustrated. The machine is incredible quality and you’ll be amazed at the support you get here. Even on sundays you’ll have an incredible amount of support for every question, even questions that craftsman just love to help with. Its going to have hiccups, but i hope it gets going soon for you. You’ve probably got some great ideas planned.

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Some user mapped out the pinout here:

But be very cautious (to not short 5V/ GND)

That did the trick. Thank you. I’m up and running and there are no other issues.


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