X Axis V Wheel loose?

So Ive been using my XXL for about 3 weeks now and everything was going great until one day i looked over and during a job and saw one of my bottom V wheels on the X axis sitting on top of my work-piece. I stopped the job and tried to fix it all and was able to get the V wheel back on without having to disassemble everything. The issue now is that i cant seem to get it to engage back with the x axis track. The left V wheel rolls along with the movements but the right one (the one that fell off) just hangs in the balance. I have re tightened it so many times and get it to the point with its barely spinning at the same tension as the correctly moving wheel on the left. They seem identical as far as tension is concerned, but when i run a job, the right one just wont roll like the left. All my jobs so far seem to be cutting accurately still. but i know this is going to bite me in the but when i least expect it one day. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Please see:

If that doesn’t help, let us know at support@carbide3d.com

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Just checking: when things fell off and you reinstalled the wheel, did you make sure to re-insert the shim/washer between the plate and the wheel too ? Whenever I swap a V-wheel without dissambling anything else, it’s always a little bit tricky to insert that washer while also holding the wheel and inserting the bolt. Does that right v-wheel spin freely?


Wow…nope so there’s no washer there now and I just found one wedged between my spoil board and Frame. That must be the one I’m missing and fell there when it all came loose initially. Crazy that it makes that big of a difference. Thanks!!


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