X Limit switch always on

I just built my new Shapeoko 4 today. When I finally powered it up the blue indication for the X limit switch was on. The router is not all the way over and the red light on the limit switch is not illuminated, but does illuminate when a wrench is put in front of it. I also check all wire connections, and when switched with the Z limit switch wire, the Z blue light will illuminate. Any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you in advance.

I would Email as well as leave a voice mail for support. Don’t see anything from your photos.

Good job documenting it.

Good luck

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I contacted the support team. They believe that the limit switch is bad. New part on the way. Will update when it is installed and whether or not it fixes the problem.

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After several months of good work my shapeoko Pro XXL decided to drive me crazy.
I first had some cases where the machine did not hold the cutting depth and got stuck with way too deep cutting at once.
Eventually some weeks ago the machine was stuck in a deep position of the tip, and could not be brought up again with reset, it just did not lift the spindle. I found out the same as you did with the X-limit switch, mine was the Z-limit-switch, that showed the “local” LED just nicely reacting to metals, but it was always switched on in the software. Clearly that appeared as the reason why the spindle was not lifted, it appeared the Z switch was reached to the software.

And now the nightmare begun.

The guys from carbide3d reacted really sharp, I immediately got a new Z switch.

Guess what: the same reaction, even with the new switch. Immediately I got a new cable set, bypassed the cables in the machine: again: the switch showed regular reaction on the local red LED, but the controller had the Z switch always on.

Now the carbide3d guys immediately sent me a new controller. (My machine is already out of warranty, still they did not hesitate even a second…).

I used the days of sick leave of my machine to make a new table, all was disconnected. The new controller (call it #2) arrived, was connected to all plugs, and the power adapter, switched on: dead. No power LED switched on. I connected the now completely unplugged old controller (#1): the same! While it at least switched power on, that one was now dead too. The power adapter still delivered 24V as it should, even after cut the cable -because carbide3d guys and me thought the power adapter possibly damaged the controller and decided to get a new one and measured the voltage, and bypassed the plug on the adapter #1: still dead.

ok. I ordered now a new controller (#3) and power adapter.

Now I connected #3 to the new power adapter: all fine, so the controller was ok when arrived, power LED bright blue, good connection to the software on the laptop.
So I went forward plugged in all cables.
And plugged power in again.
And was shocked: no power LED, no connection through USB, the thing, #3, went dead again, stayed dead even after I pulled out all cables again.

I am completely out of any options or ideas. And all started Z switch for me instead of X switch.

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