X Travel Collision

Me again - same old problem.

Updated to the latest version of Carbide Motion 5 and set the config to HDZ with reduced X travel and the SuckIt ears STILL collide with the left hand gantry plate when rapid positioning to NW, W or SW.

Why Why Why!? How has this not been considered in the latest release of Carbide Motion!?

@WillAdams or someone in support please help me out.

XXL with HDZ and suckit ears on maximum install to accommodate the heavy duty spindle mount.

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Have you calibrated for belt stretch?

Yes - belts are all fine.

Are you of the belief that the XXL HDZ with suckit ears on max install for the heavy duty spindle should not collide with the left plate when the settings have been selected as I have detailed??

Is Grbl calibrated so that when you have it move 1" it only moves 1" (which is the point of the calibration), and if the belts are stretched as part of tensioning (happens even with steel core belts) and are moving farther than requested, wouldn’t this sort of thing occur?

I don’t know, since I never had a SuckIt — that would be something for @robgrz and/or @Luke to address — best to contact them about it at support@carbide3d.com

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