X-Y-Z controller for MacBook?

Hey makers -
I came across the Meyers Woodshop video for a Rii mini keyboard controller to control the Shapeoko. I picked one up on Amazon only to realize my Mac doesn’t recognize it.

Are there any Mac users here that are using something different to jog your machine? Is there an app for the iphone, perhaps?

Thanks in advance.

I use a Tech-Keys unit on my MacBook:

Since it registers as a keyboard, it just works.

If you could find an app for the iPhone which would function as a keyboard w/ remapping, that could be made to work:

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Mac user here. See this post for my solution: Remote Jogger for MacBook

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Hi @WillAdams

Thank you

I made one. A simple Arduino with on-chip USB interface, a relatively simple bit of code and I have a 200-click dial wheel and 6 buttons. Click the ‘X’ button and the wheel jogs X, click the ‘smaller’ button to reduce step size, ‘larger’ to increase. Buttons for X, Y, Z and A (I have a rotary axis too). Designed a small PCB to house all of this lot, and carved an enclosure from a piece of hard wood to mount it in. Plug a USB cable into the Mac, the other end into my ‘jog box’ and it all works. The issue then becomes that the sender software needs to have keyboard shortcuts that can be emulated by the jogger - I ended up switching to UGS because of this (and the visualiser display). Would be happy to share the design and code if people are interested. All in on materials about $15, and a good day of ‘hobby work’ to assemble.


Yes, I am very interested, thank you.

@davidlan I have the Rii mini keyboard controller and it connects to my macbook pro just fine. I wonder what the issue is with why it’s not connecting? Are you getting an error or is it simply not finding it at all? I’m curious.

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