X-Y-Z Steps Per MM question

Goode Evening Everyone,

So tonight I ran my final checks on my SO3 XXL everything is as square tight and sound as I can get it. I have not cut anything yet and feel if I don’t stop tinkering to make it better I never will :).

so performing G0 X/Y 250 tests with a ruler magnifying glass and my middle sons company we set to see if our Step per MM default values needed amending, to my surprise they don’t appear to need any changes at all, is that usual? or a reward for our persistence in squaring etc. would love to know how many of you have needed to change the steps per MM ?

The z axis was a little bit more tricky we used my 1-10mm 0.01 Dial Gauge- but could not consistently get a good reading think it is more to do with my dial was only like £3. We did a measure using a ruler and distance between waste board and bit end and again this seemed to be ok?

Would anyone have any recommendations as to how I can accurately measure my z axis?

All in all a quality evening with my son and new addition to the family our SO3 know as Deep Thought! :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing your thoughts

Kind Regards

Excellent beginning!

It’s really hard to measure this without actual cutting, which is how we recommend one determine things: http://docs.carbide3d.com/shapeoko-faq/how-to-calibrate-the-machine-for-belt-stretch/ — the adjustment is quite small, so usually you’ll want a very precise / accurate tool to measure it such as a caliper.

It ought to be possible to just measure the Probe repeatedly doing suitable geometric calculations — need to look into that.


CNCnutz (Peter Passuello) has a series on CNC “leveling” that has been fun to read. In addressing the Z-axis he actually made some mistakes that he corrected in the following video. (His original video is in the second link, and he has more at his YouTube site.)

Corrected: “CNCnutz Episode 132

Incorrect: “CNCnutz Episode 131


Thanks for the reply William and to you CrookedWoodTex. Going to cut today and then I will report back, very excited!


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