X/Z Assembly question?

. As I am going thru the assembly of my XXL I have run into a question about what the parts are named on the assembly and their function. One of the spacers is loose and the other is tight. Should that be correct or is something screwy??

both of those spacers should be screwed in place tightly. Their function is to act as a stop, preventing the Z-Axis plate from going off the top of the carriage. They also serve as part of the mounting structure for the Z-axis homing switch if using the Carbide 3D kit.

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On the subject of those spacers… What’s the official threading of them? They seem to be 10-32 but only for a half turn…

They were Imperial in the original version, now they’re metric. Notes on it ought to be here: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/B.O.M.

“Aluminum Standoff, 1/2 OD × 10-24 Thread × 1” Long” ?

Yep, that’s it — if someone knows the new specs, please let us know or update the wiki page.

Thank you for your wealth of knowledge!