XXL 5 Pro Extention

Hello Carbide Community!

I am wondering if there are ways or a way to increase the width of my 5 Pro? Are the extrusion shapes proprietary to carbide or could I find extrusions of this shape on the open market? To clarify I want to extend the x axis.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

I’m pretty sure all of Carbide’s extrusions are proprietary to them.

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The 5Pro already cuts 48". You wan’t more than that?

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You are correct, I made the mistake. I have the Pro, not 5pro.

Hey C3D,

This is an interesting question!

What is the cost to go from a 4Pro 33x33 to a 4Pro 48x33?

Your store is suggesting that it is only $400 difference to expand from a standard to an xxl which has twice the length of X and Y rails and four times the table area.

A 48 expansion would have a longer gantry and crossmembers and a couple more t-tracks, suspect a longer wire harness as well.

Considering the above mentioned $400 for 2 axis increase, what is the questimated price for only one axis increase?

Thanks for considering it.

We did expansion packs for the Shapeoko 3, mostly because we started with the smaller size, and then developed the larger sizes later — the intent was to offer early adopters the support of having the option to upgrade to sizes which were not available when they initially supported us by buying their machine.

Since then, machines have launched in a full set of sizes, so folks who want larger machines have had that option from day one. Anyone who didn’t avail themselves of the larger machine did so by choice.

Our recommendation for upgrading sizes is to sell the current machine and buy a larger one.

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