XXL assembly issue

Assembling my unit and have run into what I think is an issue…

I slid the X/Z assembly onto the extrusion rail. In between the two black top slide rollers are two aluminum belt pulleys. One is about 1/8" above the rail but the other is slightly dragging the rail.

Does not seem right to me as the belt pulley will drag on the rail as the assembly moves back and forth. Also,
in the next step I have to slide the drive belt under the pulley. This would work under one pulley but no way is it going to slide under the other pulley. A pic is attached that will hopefully show the issue.

Thanks for any advice.

You should be able to address this by removing the idler in question, then using a small tool to clear out the powder coat at the top of the bolt hole, then reinstalling the idler.

Here is a zoomed out picture to reference the unit I am dealing with…

Thanks for the response. I did not know if there was any slop or if the hole was slotted and did not want to start “adjusting” until I knew if I even had an issue.

I will go remove it and take a look…

Ideally all the holes would be perfectly positioned, and everything about the machines would be “just so” — unfortunately, the machines are made to a tolerance which allows their price point, and occasionally multiple things go wrong so as to cause difficulties such as this — if clearing out the powder coat doesn’t address this, use a small round file to slightly increase the size of the hole at the top as much as is needed to address the problem.

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Man, you nailed it and probably saved my weekend as I would have laid in bed thinking about this all night.

I lossened the nut and found there was a decent amount of slop in the hole. Lifted up on it as I tightened the nut and am now excitedly moving on to the next step.

Really appreciate the quick response and hope you have. a great weekend!


Check out my post on my findings. Not sure if you encountered the same issues. I am still in the process of the build … waiting for V-wheels to arrive.

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