XXL Carve Depth Issue

Howdy all. First post. I’ve had a XXL for over a year and no issues. First time I can’t figure it out.
I’ve looked through topics and checked my settings. Still don’t know why my depths are different on 2 of the same paths.

Here are the details. Thanks in advance for any enlightenment !

I attached my files and a couple of photos.
(I can only post one file… new user, so I picked the c2d)


XXL Mounted to a torsion box, dead flat, no twist, level. 3/4” MDF mounted to Shapeoko supplied Board with screws every 6”. That is dead flat (checked with a milled straight edge). All belts good. All eccentrics good.


Making right angles and cam clamps from 1/2” MDF. No tool change. Bitsetter in the beginning, and XYZ probe using BitZero V1.

All else was fine but the cut depth Was consistently different from the “cam clap cut out” (all the same depth) as opposed to all the “Straight edge cut outs” which were noticeably deeper. Again, no bit change just 2 cut out paths at .5400 (In the photos you can make it out, the straight edge cut is twice as deep as the cam clamp cut on the waste board)

See atttached,
HoldingPieces.c2d (2.0 MB)

Hey Ken,

Which z-axis do you have?

Hi Brian,

I have the Z plus.

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