XXL is on the way, should I return it?

(Jim Chamberlain) #21

Great response. Perfect.
This adventure is not for everyone, but if it is approached as a playground for your mind and opportunity to share with a great community . . . you are on the right track.
I am by nature overly frugal but it became obvious that I needed to buy Aspire to future proof the adventure. Vectric has amazing software and tutorials to unleash and build upon the foundation that Carbide 3D gives us.

Analogy . . . A Mathematician’s Lament


(Steven Bowen) #22

BTW, you are correct, when you use a V bit in contouring, it will work correctly and only cut as deep as you tell it to, but the “Show Simulation” is not correct… it will appear that you are cutting on the line with a 1/2 inch end mill. But the result will be as you want…


(Jesse Glessner) #23

IF you go to this site they have several VidClips on a variety of things - CNC Routing. file:///C:/Users/Public/Documents/Vectric%20Files/Tutorial%20Files/Aspire%20V9.0/Index.html

You should check out the TEXT items first and then go on to your designs. These clips have a LOT of knowledge in them, so you might spend a couple of hours building your system then a couple of hours viewing videos, then a couple of hours back in Carbide Create figuring out the details of converting some of what you’ve learned in the ASPIRE videos to the real time CREATE software.

And, if all else fails, you might think about WHAT the problem is and detail that in a search engine. It is amazing how much information the Intenet contains. IF that first search doesn’t work then try different wording and try again.

Believe me, Carbide Create is a BEGINNERS platform. You will probably have to learn other software packages just to get super results from that - like InkScape for instance. Personally, I do my designs in another software package and then use the gcode files produced by that software, import them into the computer you use to run your system, and use Carbide Connect to run those codes.

Any way you look at it your FILES are ALL IMPORTANT. IF you don’t learn the software - you don’t get good results, PERIOD! NODE editing, if your software allows that, is very important. I’ve found a small loop in a friend’s file that drove him crazy and it was because he didn’t thoroughly CHECK THE ENTIRE FILE in an enlarged mode.

ALSO, very important, keep revisions on your files an KEEP ALL OF THOSE REVISIONS! Keep them grouped in a Master Folder for the variety of Project you’re running. Leave the MASTER file intact in a folder titled Master_Eagle_Plaque or some such name. NEVER use that file again EXCEPT to copy it for another run the following Holiday or whatever. That COPY should remain as a COPY of the Master file. You’ll be very happy one day that you pick up just THIS technique, believe me.