XXL Machine not jogging left past center

The machine cuts fine, and will do a full width project, no skipping or errors at all, everything is going great. Only thing that I keep having happen is when I goto Z the center mark and jog left it won’t travel past left center at all. If I adjust my piece a little right, and Z it there it will cut the whole width to the left tho, it is really weird. Am I missing something, software error, I have all updates…

Any suggestions?


Which machine type/size did you configure for?

Perhaps an incorrect parameter in the Carbide Motion settings?

How far you can jog the machine seems to be dependent on the parameters within Shapeoko.json in CM v6xx.

The parameters should be set for your machine when you run Setup Machine wizard.

It is the XXL machine.

I will definitely look into this, as it just stops on a dime and won’t jog anymore, will go up and down tho.

That did it! Thank for the fast response, it was set as the right machine, but when I changed it to belt drive it went further, It has the small black belts so it is a belt drive right?

Yes, the XXL is a belt drive machine. :+1:

The SO3/4 are belt driven machines. The SO4 Pro is belt driven but has linear rails. The HDM and SO5 Pro are ball screw driven with linear rails.

The SO3 has 3 Z options. The original belt drive Z, the Z-Plus and the HDZ. If you are in doubt about which one you have do a google search for each drive type. The Belt Z has rails on the sides but has no visible ball screw or lead screw. The Z-Plus has a lead screw visible and at the bottom there is a stud that the lead screw passes through. The HDZ has a ball screw with a bearing at the bottom.

The SO4/SO4 Pro has a Z-Plus and/or HDZ. The SO5 has an HDZ. All of these Z axis can have a router or spindle installed.

So during configuration you have several options the standard, XL and the XXL. When you configure for each machine that sets the positions that the JOG function can physcally jog to. However in gcode you could technically try to send the X and Y a mile and the machine would try to go there. When it hits the mechanical limits the stepper motors would grind. At that point you would be losing steps and everything would be out of calibration as far as trying to finish a job. Same for the Z and again when it gets to the top or bottom it would grind and lose steps.

So properly configure your machine for the best results.

If you are unsure of what you have post a picture of the machine.

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It is definitely the XXL machine, belt drive; The settings come up as X:830mm Y:850 MM And Z: 100 MM when you put it on belt drive, which seems wrong as it will travel to the end of its X axis as you have to stop it before it hits. When you click on the “Load defaults” its comes up as X: 415 MM which definitely isn’t right though, but then select “belt drive” and it populates the X: as 830mm.

Do you have any suggestions what I should set it as manually?

Thank you very much for all the help!


Which controller do you have?

Does it have DIP switches?

What are they set on?

Could you post a photo of your machine and detail photos of your Z-axis, and controller (remove the cover to the enclosure and send us a clear, well-lit, edge-to-edge, in-focus photo)

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