XXL new build. SW stops in about center of machine

just finished my build saturday and everything looks good except for one issue. in Carbide motion i used the rapid positioning feature and hit SW. X and Y move but only go to around the middle of the machine (I can measure and get you an exact position if that is helpful.

from there if i try to jog the X or Y they will not move.

thanks in advance.

Did you select the xxl machine in motion? Mine wouldnt home all the way either until i did that

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Ahh… did not see that setting. assumed there was a dip switch or SW setting somewhere. BTW, do they take doc suggestions? I would give the doc set about a C at best, as some steps were lacking at best.

thanks for your help… will try that today and i bet that is my solution.

Please send the machine configuration per:


I just built up my XL over the weekend, and I had to use my head in a few places, but the instructions seemed reasonable for the most part. I did find that the section corresponding to Step 7 of the XXL instructions was missing in the XL instructions, but I’ve emailed support@carbide3d.com about that. :sweat_smile:

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just confirmed that this was the fix… thanks a bunch!!


Yea it freaked me out when it only moved like a foot.

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