XXL on its side

Hi, I was wondering if it’s feasible to store the XXL on its side. The idea is to fix it to 3/4" plywood, then attach it to 3 or 4 strong hinges screwed to the wall. That way I can fold it up and it won’t take up as much room. I’m not worried about the folding table being too weak I can make it plenty strong. I’m more interested in if the actual machine can support itself without things becoming misshapen, since it wasn’t exactly designed to be stored that way.


Interesting question… Assuming you made its sub-base stout and rigid (to prevent twisting of the machine) then I think it would be fine if you made some sort of harness for the gantry. Something that supported the whole gantry assembly and takes all the strain off the vwheels/belts/steppers, etc.

I’ve seen several examples of the X-Carve being stored this way. My thinking is that since the XXL is more rigid than the X-Carve (why I bought it) as long as the gantry is secured it would be okay.

My question would be whether the v wheels could handle the load in that direction without gradually deforming.

due to my space limitations I built a folding table for mine. I have had no problems yet but have only owned it from Nov 17’. Before I fold it, I put blocks (actually magnets wrapped in painters tape),on both the rear corners to keep the weight off the limit switch, I also move the router to the middle of the gantry. Made it out of 2x4 and plywood which i regret, sturdy as hell but weighs a ton to fold up for an old guy like me so I would try 2x2 or figure a lighter strategy. I currently use a cheap harbor freight winch to help fold it but thinking gas piston shocks, weighted system or maybe garage door type spring, not an engineer so simple is what I needed so the winch was simple…

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