XXL spoilboard - 99 holes

link here: https://a360.co/2KirvW3 until the rocket sharing site is up

also on thingiverse at rayfleck.com

I was too cheap to buy more than the 100 count bag of t-nuts, so i fit 66 in front, 33 in back… I figure the back will be for bigger work, so more space between mounting points…

Loving the SO3 XXL!


Making that sea of holes feels like a rite of passage, right ? :slight_smile:
How did you fasten the wasteboard onto the bed ?

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not shown here - countersunk 5 holes (corners and near-center) with a small forstner, then used kreg jig 1.5" coarse screws (because they’re self drilling) - it’s tight.


Now to come up with a project for that lone t-nut still in the bag.

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IKR! it’s maddening!!!

Glad I got the XXL too! I had to get rid of a few things to make it fit but it was worth it. Nice job on the spoil board. I’ve had a few oops on mine but it’s still standing strong. I went whole hog with the T-Nuts and I ain’t really looking forward to doing that again anytime soon. LOL

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