Xxl upgrade what to do with xl rails

I came across a post stating that you can add the xl and xxl rails together. Thus giving you a longer bed, just wondering if anyone is familiar with this idea? If so what about the integrity of the “y” rails , and system setup in carbide motion?

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I have seen several people join the rails together. I heard of slight elevation issues that were taken care of by careful filing. I guess it depends on how good you are at joining two rails together without misalignment and vibration/play issues.
I would rather make my own larger one piece rails, or hire a person with a large CNC machine to do it for me, then try to join two together. The cost of the XXL upgrade is probably close to the cost of 2 custom rails to be made. You would need to support them with a custom frame as well. 80/20 extrusion is a good way to do that.
One issue I imagine might be very long belts might not be as accurate. No idea if this is an actual issue though, just a thought.
I am not an expert on the software, but I believe all you would have to do is extend your dimension data, I am sure someone could help you with that.

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There is a YouTube Video by Krtwood etc you could have a look at.

Joining the rail sections with adequate alignment and rigidity will be a challenge, not impossible, just tricky.

The deflection behaviour of the Y rails and additional belt deflection at this length are likely to really start to limit the rate at which you can cut. Also likely to limit you to wood only unless you do something like the Pro and brace them down to the rebuilt bed of the machine.

Overall you’d probably be better off moving to a more rigid single piece extrusion and dumping the V Wheels for linear rails to make all this work, at which point you are going to start feeling frustrated with the rapid speeds limits on the standard controller and start wanting to upgrade the motors and controller.

Thanks guys for your input, I believe that I might just try to sell them and be extremely happy with my upgrade :grinning:.

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