Y axes issues need help

Think my table is binding up on its y axis travel is there any way to do a check to see what could be cause the binding

Yes. Oh, you wanted more… First lets talk terms. The “Table” doesn’t move. It’s the base, the waste board, the Aluminum surface (table). I think you mean the carriage is binding. It would also be helpful if you said when, and how…under power, moving it VERY slowly by hand, moving it VERY FAST by hand (It SHOULD BIND because the motors are generating power…BTW, Don’t move the carriage X, Y OR Z) fast by hand). If it is binding when it’s running a program, then read on:

Take off the belts (Completely), and with the power off, move the carriage back and forth and feel for binding. (This is checking for V-Wheel related binding) Good time to recheck the eccentric nut placement (all 4) for the Y axis (Did this fix the problem?) Yes: re-assemble, No, Read on

Turn the power back on, and jog (or home) the machine. Look closely at BOTH Y axis motors. Put your hand on the body (Away from any moving part) do they both feel the same, are they both moving the same, Yes, Continue reading. No? Contact Support

Put the belts on and this time carefully pay attention to the tightness of each belt. TRY to get them equally tight. Restart the machine and home or jog the machine. Is the problem still there? Contact support. Is the problem fixed? You’re welcome.