Y Axis backlash

I’ve had my Nomad 883 Pro up and operational for only a couple of weeks now but curious about the amount of back lash I measure in the Y-Axis. This is with power off, but I am measuring .004" of travel on the Y axis when pushing back and forth on the aluminum baseplate. Is this normal? I measure 0" travel on X and Z.

Don’t know why nothing came up when I search for this subject but I found where it has been identified to be a problem in the past. Now just trying to figure out how to get to the offending belt adjustment.

@Hankster Hi Henry,
Please email Support @ Carbide3d
Its not a belt, it would most likely be a damaged anti- backlash nut.


Replacing the anti-backlash nut solved the issue. No backlash measured or felt. You guys are the best. :smile:



I’m having the exact same issue, with the exact same .004" measured. I’ll email support.