Y axis issue- Shapeoko 3 XXL

Does anyone know what is going on here?
It seems like it is catching on something.

Well, it’s not meant to make that horrible noise.

Are you just rolling it back and forth?

The rattling is certainly not supposed to be there, have you checked all the V-Wheels, pulley set screws etc? Is there a load of dirt in the V wheels or on the rails?

Looks like the V wheels are dirty. I clean mine once a week or more if I’m doing a lot that week.

Also, try moving the X gantry a little slower. It’s not meant to be moved that fast when the power is off. The stepper motors will become small generators and cause some resistance.

Try it all again once the moving parts are clean.

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i think a rotation is hss…

or that the toothed wheel at the end of the engine is deserted? have you all checked?

I agree, That sounds like a stepper Is engaging from moving it too fast.

Does it make that sound when Powered up and rapid jogging around?

Sounds like a combination of gunk on the wheels (which you can see) and bearing noise. Check the wheels are properly tight, top and bottom of the gantry, clean out the gunk from the wheels. That’s NOT back-emf noise.

To clean your rails I use the 3m White (Fine) finishing pads. The Fine will not scratch the rails. For the v-wheels I use a stiff nylon brush. Just dont get too aggressive with the cleaning because you can scratch the wheels and/or rails.

In the movie I see a lot of dust along the sides of the machine. It appears that you do not use dust collection or have ineffective dust collection. When you have no dust collector the v-wheels will get caked up pretty fast. With proper dust collection the v-wheels will get dirty but very slowly.

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