Y axis not homing all the way

Got my XXL last week and everything was awesome. Then the Y axis stopped going all the way back, It will go to within about 3 inches of home the just sit their still in the homing mode in Carbide Motion. I hafto tap the homing switch with my finger to get it to continue home. After that it works as expected. Any ideas what this could be? Other than that everything works perfect.


Double check your X/Y extents in Carbide Motion? (850mm x 850mm to start and then you can adjust after characterizing position)

Changed it back to 850 and it still stops exactly 3" from the switch and will just sit unresponsive till I tap the switch manually. I did notice that it only does this if I home from full front position. It I home from anywhere else on y it will home all the way.

I had the same problem. You can’t just set it in Carbide Motion, you have to set it in the grbl firmware.


Go into Carbide Motion, click on the MDI tab, Enter the following:

Thanks to @dtilton71


Yes indeed that was it. Thank you Scott.