Y Limit Switch LED works, Motion says Y input state is always "on"

Hi everyone,

I recently got everything setup and it was all working well and I’ve been playing with designs and learning. The last job I started - when it initialized the machine - the gantry travelled forward and didn’t stop (had to turn off). I checked all the limit switches (the LED turns on and off with a wrench). When I go to the debug setting and test that the board/Carbide Motion sees the limit switch inputs - all of them work except Y (and it shows ‘on’ in Carbide Motion when the Y limit switch LED is both on and off).

I tried the spare switch - same thing - how would I debug?

thanks for the help!

more info: I had it off for a bit while I typed this up - when I connect in Carbide Motion - all the debug->Input states are “off” - if I put a wrench in front of the Y limit switch - Carbide sees the input and turns on the radio button - when I remove the wrench - the input state stays ‘on’ (all the other switches work as expected, the debug->input state goes off when you remove the wrench)

Let us know about this at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get it sorted out with you.

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