Y motors moving in opposite directions

I just got my shapeoko 3 set up. Its my first CNC experience at all. I have the x and z moving correctly but the y motors are moving in opposite direction of each other (left of x axis moves forward while right moves back or vice versa) any idea what i did wrong?

Answered you over on Reddit

You didn’t do anything wrong — the motors were provided w/ the wrong wiring, or the person who did the cabling messed up.
Look at both ends of the cables for the Y-axis motors — if they’re both identical, pick one cable, preferably the one which is moving in the wrong direction, select the left-most or right-most pair of wires, use a tool to pop them out, and reverse the connections left–right.
If they’re different, then I’d suggest correcting them to be the same.
If, after doing this, the motors move in reverse, you can either swap the motor connections, or change the motor direction in Grbl — this is done in Carbide Motion by:
tap L to open up the Log window (or click the button)
going into MDI (tap M or click the button for MDI)
type $$ to determine the current setting for $3
add or subtract 2 from that (binary logic) — default is 6
set it to reverse the Y-axis w/ the appropriate number, e.g., $3=4
More details here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Grbl#Grbl0.9

I replied on reddit but thanks again for the quick response