Y probing short travel

Using a 201 bit, the Y zero fails short of touching the touch probe during Z, X & Y zeroing.

Range time out is shorter than distance to target.

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Using what version of Carbide Motion on which platform?

Please post a photo showing how you have the machine arranged relative to the Probe before the error.

How is the router set in the collar? You may simply need to lower it.

Sorry gents … my tired old eyes can’t tell the difference between a 201 and a 102.

I feel like a #:&/ you get the picture … These senior moments on my new found hobby/toy is really taking a beat in my brain.

I had the 102 in the spindle and the 201 in CM. All is well and working on the probe zero.

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Be sure to follow the instructions because even with the correct bit if you start too far away from the circle the x and/or y will only move so far before giving up when probing x,y & z. If you are probing only Z and the same thing will happen if you are too far away when starting the probe.

Dont apologize for old eyes it took time to earn them. I have an Incra Positioner on my router table and I have a lighted magnifying glass above the cursor. If you make a 1/32" mistake in positioning it either wont fit together or have a viable gap depending on which side of the real mark you set it on.

I found that out, distance needs to be close to touch probe. I only wish it doesn’t revert back to home but can be restarted at target position.

This is unfortunately, enabled by an old mistake on Carbide 3D’s part — the original endmills are mis-numbered:

  • #102 — square
  • #112 — square
  • #122 — square


  • #201 — square (while #202 is ball-nosed)

mea culpa

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