Y1 Tail bracket screws snapped off

Received my Shapeoko XXL today. install was going fine im at the step where im attaching Tail Brackets and i ran into a huge problem. the screws were going in and stopped short, i gave them a tighten and the head twisted right off. i was pissed by i figured if at least the 2nd could go in it would hold in place and tightened that carefully and it immediately spun the top right off too. ive been trying to get them free by drilling out the center but its just not working im just doing damage to the aluminum.

the Y1 Support bracket is attached but its loose because they wont screw in any further and im not breaking these off its almost like the threading stops a few mm in.

so a few questions. how screwed am i ? is this something i can work around with attaching them to the rail in another way because i really am not looking forward to having to unassembled it all and deal with warranty.

is there much pressure being put on these brackets or is it something that i can stick in place ? k

Do you or a friend have an EZ out? That should work, or dissolve the steel w/ alum?

Used to be the drag chains were held in place by 3M VHB adhesive foam pads.

I dont unfortunately and the aluminum where I tried to drill it out is a little chipped.

So if I super glue it in place it will be like previous revisions? There isn’t much pulling force?

If you use enough zip ties, the wire routing should be quite stable — I think mine would hang suspended w/o the hardware based on how many I used:

Thanks will. Sounds like I can at least continue with the install. I’ve got them in place with 3m tape. I’ll have to contact support to make sure any warranty issues are talked about.

Since you are building your machine I would remove the rail and get it on a drill press or a friends drill press. A second option may be to get a dremel tool with a cut off wheel and make a slight slot in the screws and try to turn them them out. When you get them out maybe the holes were not drilled all the way through. If the holes are drilled and tapped all the way through the BHCS (Button Head Cap Screws) would have to be very soft to break off like that.

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I ended up sticking it with 3m tape. The drill press is totally an option but it seems snug how it us now. Looking forward to testing tomorrow

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