YAMPA (yet another magnetic probe assembly)

Ok–nothing really new here, just some specifics. I’ve been using the probe for a week or so now with my Nomad and I’m finding that I’m not a big fan of clipping the alligator clip to the shaft of an end mill for probing. So I went the magnetic route.

Got these magnets today from Home Depot for less than $4:

Got this brass from my local hobby shop for $1.59:

Drilled a 1/16" hole about 1/4" from the end of the brass, then cut off an inch (from the end with the new hole, obviously). Sanded with my Dremel. Cut the alligator clip off the grounding wire that came with the probe, stripped off about 3/4" of insulation, ran it through the hole, applied rosin, and soldered both sides. Sanded it, then wiped it clean. Following the directions on the back of a pack of similar (but slightly smaller) magnets, I super glued a magnet to the brass.

And this is what I’ll be using now with my probe.

I like it much better than the alligator clip. Total cost was less than $6, but with what I have left over (magnets and brass) I could make 5 more if I needed them, thus they would come out to about a buck each.


I think that I am off to Home Depot…

Thanks for sharing the idea.

Now all I need is time to fabricate and install probe / flash Grbl & upgrade CM…


Doesn’t the glue insulate the magnet from the wire?



Great question with an empirical answer: Nope, it doesn’t insulate it. See the photos below.