Yes! I AM ignorant but.... I designed & cut a

…dog head. It came out just as it simulated. I decided to change the depth but when I wnt back to Create the file is not there. “Open” shows 5 previous files but not the last file. After searching for 30 minutes I finally found it through File Explorer (WIN 10). It has a .nc extension but: it will not appear in OPEN, will not copy to Carbide Create, etc.

The Nc is the gcode to run the toolpath you created.If you are trying to get back into your work/Drawing you would have needed to do a save as and it creates a c2d file that will open so you can edit your work/drawing

Im hoping you did a save as?..Also someone here with more gcode experience may be able to tell you how to edit the depth by gcode if you didnt do a save as.


Added a section on this to:



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