Yet another (great) v-carve inlay tutorial

I recently received a bunch of specialty vbits ordered from my local (French) supplier, I noticed they came with a printed page of tips and tricks, and it happened to include a link to a Youtube toturial video of a Belgian guy explaining the concept of inlays and how to do them in Vectric VCarve.

Out of curiosity I watched it and it has to be one of the most accessible/educational vcarve videos I have seen so far. Then I noticed that he also made an English version, so I thought I would share since this is a topic than keeps coming up on the forum.

(original French version here)

Of course there are also a bunch of excellent threads here explaining the same concepts, but some folks prefer videos.


Fun to watch with Closed Caption turned on. VCarve gets several different translations as does Shapeoko. All in all, a very good video.

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