Yet Another Tool Holder

I took 2 pieces of 3/4 PVC glued together to give me a 1 1/2 thickness. Then purchased some clear plastic tubes. Two sizes 3 inch x 1/2 and 2 inch x 5/8. These are large enough to hold most bits except for extended length. You could probably find longer tubes if needed. The square holes are also large enough to hold the square tube a lot of the bits from various vendors come with.

Then drilled the PVC to hold the various sizes I have. Drill depth is about 1 inch using a 1/4 end mill. Used small clear return address labels to mark all the tubes and the rows on the board.

.c2d File is attached.

Tool Hoolder

End Mill Case - New.c2d (561.9 KB)


Can you post the link of where you purchased the clear plastic tubes. Looking for solutions to put my surfacing bit and some other whiteside bits that come in ziplock pouches vs containers

That was so long ago i don’t remember where i got them. But if you google search for “plastic storage tubes with caps” you will find a ton of them out there. I saw a bunch on amazon so you might start there. I remember they were pretty inexpensive. They came in packs of like 100

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