You know you are into cnc when

You use slot clearing to mow your lawn.


I tried adaptive, but I got tired of carrying the mower.


3.5 Z height, slot clearing with order by area…

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I’ll admit to thinking about optimal stepover while snowblowing the driveway.


Haha glad someone else does this :stuck_out_tongue:

My one is when I see a catch tray or bowl or aluminium part, my brain automatically starts designing it in cad and working out how to machine it…

I need help


Sadly, Thanks to Carbide 3D, I now to get to add that task to my daily musings. As an Auto tech, I constantly “diagnose” cars as they drive by or I walk pas them in parking lots. (I smell coolant “bet it needs a radiator or headgasket”,“that sounds like a belt squeal”, “ooh, that smells like a burnt clutch”) Just can’t help myself.

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Sadly, my idea was to make a 3D lawnmower.

Load your .nc file, and your previously stored lawn dimension and mow away. The self drive, hooked to stepper motors would stop and let you turn again. A small rod off the edge would show you the stepover to follow (like the old “curb feelers” of my youth). I imagined that football fields could have a subtle CocaCola or team logo cut right into the turf. If each wheel had a stepper motor, you could have the equivalent of a slanted end mill.

A home version could put Grandma’s face into the front lawn when she comes to visit or a congratulations for a new baby.


Mine is seeing anything wooden as potential stock. Perusing the aisles of a home decoration store, wife says “hey this [random object] is nice”, and I can only think of how I would create the stock setup in F360 and then cut something else out of it!