Youtube Clamp Video

I found this on youtube. The presenter makes quite a few different styles of clamps and has the files in the pinned comments. Several are cut on the Shapeoko with CC and some are 3d printed and one is laser cut plywood.

Enjoy: DIY CNC Clamps / Files Included - YouTube

I’m assuming that is not the correct link you meant to send…

EDIT: there was an incorrect link in the original post (to some phishing website - it was a complete accident by Guy, but funny nevertheless)…would delete this post, but as @theworkshope said, 6 people fell victim and we have a little humour at the bottom for those who did.

Oh no, lol. At least 6 of us have fallen victim.

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Sorry I mispelled youtube but the link at the bottom is to the video. When I put the .com on the end the forum website interpreted it as a hyperlink.

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