Z Axis Change (this makes 15)

Our Shapeoko 3 XL was going along, and suddenly the machine acted as if the Z axis Zero was 20mm higher than it was, even though Carbide Motion kept showing correct values.

Anyone experience this issue?

If carbide motion is not reflecting the Z height change, then:
Check belt tension.
Check set screw.
Check the position, where you at the bottom of the Z travel?

What was happening when it happened?

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I was machining a piece of .5" thick UHMW, using gcode from MeshCam. Program was about 60% complete, when the z carriage raised up by about 20mm and continued as if nothing was wrong. I quit the program, and jogged to the x,y and z using rapid position, and the carriage went exactly to where it was supposed to be. I separated the rough and finish passes into two different shorter files and will try those tomorrow.

I think I found the problem. My students have their work to low for the end mill they used. Basically, the carriage bottoms out, then jumps up a ways.

My fault for “assuming” they set it up right.



Glad to hear it was a learning opportunity, I like to say “measure twice, cut 10”

Im curious about this project now, if you can share what your classroom is making, post a picture when you can?

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