Z axis difficulties

Hello everyone. I recently had a vwheel break on my zcarriage. After replacing the vwheel, my z zero doesnt seem to hold. My spoilboard is level and the machine is square. However, the measured zero will not hold as the machine moves from the front of the spoil board to the rear. For example at the front of the quarter inch work piece shapes will be cut out to a depth of .25 inches, but shapes at the back will be traced above the work piece (the machine thinks it is -.25 inch in the Z, but is hovering an inch above the work piece. This problem happens in reverse if I start from the back and work to the front. (the back pieces are perfectly cut out, the front pieces aren’t cut).

I have tried tightening belts, v wheels, and the set pulley screw. I have also reconfigured the GRBL.

Any suggestions what i should try next?

Thanks guys

Which Z-axis do you have? (belt-drive, Z-Plus, HDZ)

When you configured, what did it set your Z-axis steps/mm to in Grbl ($102)

If you set up at a given height and jog around and measure, how consistent is the height of the endmill tip above the spoilboard?

If you’ve verified that the machine is mechanically sound (pulley set screws, belt tension, eccentric V wheels/nuts) then begin to consider feeds and speeds and job setup.

Could you make a very basic test file, cut it, and post the .c2d file, generated G-Code, step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative to it and any tool changes, and a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine?

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