Z-axis drift after tool measure

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone in the community saw Z-axis drift off zero after tool measure? I often see that after I zero all axis with tool touching the material it comes back to cut the job 1 or 2 mm higher, after it goes through tool measure cycle. I have to wait for several tool passes to work out that space before it starts cutting and of course there is no way it cuts all the way through the stock in those cases.
Same drift also happens in other direction too. After proper zeroing tool deeps into material at first touch way more than it is specified in G-code.

Any ideas?

Thank you


I have identified the problem. Spindle core is lose and moves up and down limited by the pulley on top and larger diameter close o collet. I can even move it by hand now.

All of a sudden your problems makes sense. Hope you are up and running again soon!

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