Z axis goes all the way up and doesn’t stop

I have a shapeoko XXL with the screw drive.
When I initialize, the z axis goes all the way to the top and starts buzzing the gear.
I hate that sound. I restarted, and reinstalled carbide motion v5. I still won’t stop at the top. The first time, I got an error message that it could not see the limit sensor. Now no messages, just buzz and I cut the power. Assistance please.

Power on the machine but don’t initialize, then in Carbide Motion go to Settings and locate the “GRBL active input pins” area. Now bring a metal object near/under the detection area of the Z axis limit switch, and check whether the active pins now reads “Z” (and that the “Z” mentions appears and disappears as you bring/remove the metal object). If it doesn’t, something is not ok in the limit switch detection, and your best bet is then to contact support@carbide3d.com to troubleshoot and sort out the issue


My GRBL box says no active pins

The little red light does not come in when I put metal next to it. The red light does come on on the other sensors

in this case, either the Z sensor is defective or the wiring to it (which supplies power) is.
Maybe go back and inspect the wiring/connectors between that sensor and the controller board, if you cannot find anything obvious (sometimes it’s just a loose connector), support should be able to fix this for you


Thanks for your help.

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