Z Axis goes straight up and hits limit switch

Hi, I have been running my machine quite a bit with no issues, but today I tried to run a free file from Vectric, and my z axis is now upset with me. I apologize if there is a topic out there like this, but I can’t seem to find it yet. Basically, the machine homes normally, but then when I go to run the job, the z axis goes straight up, hits the switch and makes a small grinding noise for a second, then continues on to the job. The only problem is it plunges in quite a bit deeper than it should (1/2" or so). Now, if I go back to a job I created a couple of weeks back, it works fine. However, if I go and create a new job, it does this new thing where the z axis retracts all the way and seems to mess up the job.

I did check all mechanical things, and it all looks good. The pulley is good, belt is tight, etc. It just seems like I have this new thing where the z retract height is beyond where I can go, and I’m not sure where I would set that. I have a Shapeoko XL. Thanks for any help you can provide!

In Vectric, under Toolpaths | Material Setup — check “Rapid Z Gaps above Material” and “Home / Start Position” check Z Gap Above Material.


Will, you are the man and I’m an idiot! You might have saved Christmas for me as this is exactly what happened. That job had the height at 1.8", and it just stays at that height for every job after. Thanks again!!!

omg i have the same problem i put a waste board ontop of the given waste board and i have the z problem im going to see if this fix works for me

@WillAdams whatever they are paying you. it isn’t enough! You got me through the most frustrating times (where I was ready to chuck my machine to the curb with a quarter attached and a note to whoever found it: “Here’s a quarter so that at least you have something of value”) to where I am today…creating and enjoying.

@WillAdams thank you for all of your wonderful help, it has been a wonderful gift that you have given, for this Christmas and beyond. I wish that you have the best of Christmases and a prosperous New Year.